Struggling as step mother

Step Mothers

I’ve been stepmother for about 4 years now. Let me just say its been one hell of roller coaster ride that still yet be over. When my husband and I got together his son was only 11 now he is 15 soon be 16. We went from driving 2 hours one way get him every other weekend. So a round trip on Friday after work was about 4 to 4 1/2 hours depending on traffic and stops. Then turn around Sunday and return him the same trip! It was struggling it sucked! I started to be one making trips all-time due to our jobs. Well, I didn’t just do it out love for my husband I did it for his son. Knowing how his life was with his mother. Well, as time went on we talk about custody. Before he was a freshman in high school we did it. Now the son makes me regret it fully! I struggle with it all the time now and think it’s just destroying me as the stepmother! I never wanted to take his mother’s place or his other siblings. I just wanted the boy to learn the right way to take care of himself he didn’t know anything. Not even when he should shower! Those electronics were the most important thing to him! Well, the son got mad because it was months before he saw his mother. She didn’t try I would make him call and talk her it’s his mother. Finally, we planned trip for him go see his mother and other older siblings mind you all 18 and up living on own! After his Christmas visit things got bad, fighting with us failing school saying we ripped him away from his mother. She failed to show up at all court dates! Well, normal teenage mood I would say get over this hump. Summertime he goes back again this is when the bad started. He came back and we found out his half brother is going for custody! Well, filed in wrong courts. The son started his fits rest summer thinking hes going back with his brother. Now we get October court day well thrown out because like said his brother filed in wrong courts. Well, tell me why a grown-ass adult man would tell his brother do anything get CSB called our house anything finds anything. That night our son attacked his father to where man never put hands on his son never spanked him was put into his bed pinned down! Screaming for cops saying abuse screaming his father choking me how he hates him not his father never will take us away from his family hes going destroy our family. Mind you this is not the first time hes threaten to destroy our family! No matter how much I give and do for boy I’m his target! Cops came that night than he was looking for any way leave well threaten kill himself! Well, the hospital did everything suppose to do nothing wrong with him. The boy has been going counseling for a few months back when he came home in the summertime. However, now CSB coming to our house. Not too happy about this because I’ve been down this road with my ex-husband and 2 other kids. We have 4 total together 15 and 11 boy and 8 and 1 girl. 11 and 8 are mine and 8 years old is joint parenting with her father and the 1-year-old is ours together. So we have wide range of ages in our house. I’m told by others I treat my stepson different that I shouldn’t hold him to standers of my other children because he was raised differently. I feel like that shouldn’t matter he’s been living in house fully 2 years almost. I have a big chore board I use!See look not that bad. Is it bad to teach your kids some basic? Is it struggle to hold each kid step or not at the same standers? I mean it is not hard at all in my eyes! This was one of the stepsons bitches the cop why it’s so bad. Why he hates it here! Hell, I feel I need to add brush teeth, shower, wipe your ass. Speaking of bathroom this is what I had put over my toilet for both boys beauce well they leave a mess!So am I suppose to only pick on my son and not my stepson also? Because I’ve gone in after both them the same mess!! No, I hold them both the same. Do I give one harder than other no! I always ask my son the 11-year-old to help the most! IF its help me carry these hampers upstairs or watch your sister so I can go get the clothes out the dryer. So I mean I’m at lost why I’m hated by my stepson when I do and give him so much freeway! I’ve come point he wants to destroy my family than bye sees you later! I’ve come point I just don’t want to deal with him! Is that wrong? Am I supposed to push my self? I’ve done everything be nice to be nasty be mean and it all backstabs! I give in the way his father does backfire! So, I’m just not sure anymore. I have a deal with his our rage for the next 2 year or my family falls apart if I don’t find a way to get this under control me not being happy no more about him being in this house with me. I don’t see it stopping. Since he threatens after everything calmed down if I didn’t let him call his brother that moment when his brother files he will help him no matter what way he has done things because hes not letting his brother waste his money! Mind you his phone was shut off put away, I had a baby on my hip and yet talk to his father about this and got threaten because I said no not right now! Also, this was 9 am in the morning when he was asking to go for walk and I told him, no it is nice if you go outside with your dad and help with what they are doing right into he wanted to call his brother this moment! So I mean its never win-win how I treat him. I’m just really venting to the world because well I’m looking for advice in maybe I’m doing something wrong what can I change? I’m told so many things by others. However, I’m always told I need to treat my stepson different! I don’t think I should have to do that! However, ever kid has been treated differently because they are not all same kid! I’m not sure really. I do feel I treat every single kid in the house different. 11 years old and I have been threw the most than my daughter whos 8 she in two houses that’s a lot guggle. Then 1 year old she stuck my hip its been her and me since the day she was born! Stay at home mama here! So, yes I do everything for this family! Pickups drop off for school whatever sports event boy scouts mind you all day what do at home with the 1-year-old so yes. I’m stressed Mother looking for other mothers in the same type spot!Thanks For ReadingPlease Check out Other Sites Have goingFamily PageShop at Madison StoreWatch Annabelle GrowRick The Crazy Husband Page

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